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About URL Encoder / Decoder

About URL Encoder / Decoder


In the field of SEO everyone wants to maintain their website for this purpose the Laafy provide a variety of SEO Tools at free of cost. For getting the advantages of SEO it provides the best tool which names are URL Encoder or Decoder Tool. This tool is imperative in search engine optimization. It is used to check the URL (Uniform Resource Locators) is made according to the specified stand URL (RFC 1738) and then it encodes or decodes the web address of the website. All these characters in the URL are change with the sign of % which is not according to the specified URL (RFC 1738) and the two digits of hexadecimal number include the character. It is very useful tool to check that which character is not according to the stand URL specified and would be replaced.

Importance Of URL Encoder or Decoder Tool

It is very useful tool for the optimization of the website you can use it if you want to include some unique character to the web address of the site. It is used to encode or decode the string text and it also called Percent encoded. It is a Free SEO Tool you can use it anytime when you need to change the string text or want to add unique character to your web address. It increases the performance of the website it encodes the site URL and also decodes it. The owner of the site if you want to aware of the web address then the URL Encoder or Decoder is the best tool. It not only encode or decode the string text but also encodes/decode the Java Scripts into the readable gibberish.

Why You Need To Use This SEO Tool

The computer language or coding is not easy to understand by the human beings but URL requires to encode or decode because after that we quickly know the web address of the website. If you encode or decode the web address then users can easily find your site, and the rank of the web page would also increase. The encoding/decoding only needed when the owner of the blog or web page is doing the commitment with Form. Normally there are two ways to use the forms which are:

  • GET
  • POST

These two methods are used to transfer the parameters between the web address and the HTML page. The encoding or decoding make easy to use the forms. When the browser does not send the form data continuously use this tool. The method to use this SEO tool is very simple you just enter the string text in the box and then verify the image which shows that you are not a robot and after the verification press the Submit button. The URL Encoder or Decoder provides you the complete and accurate results in just a few seconds. This tool is available on the internet you can use it online by visiting our site Laafy, and there is no need to sign up or registration for use this tool.