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The Broken Links Finder is the best tool in the optimization of the website it is used to check the broken links on the website. Laafy provides a variety of SEO tools on the internet you can use any tool free of cost. This SEO tool is used to measure the quantity of the broken tool that is harmful to the website. The broken links do not show the content on the website and it will reduce the number of users on the site. It is used to check the dead links of the web page or blog and these links necessary to remove from the website to improve the quality of the site.

Benefits Of Broken Links Finder

It is a Free SEO Tool that detects all broken links on the website and when you detect these dead links then your site will rank. It detects both internal and external links of the website and it checks the current position of the web page. If you are using shared hosting and the web address is linked with the other website, then it is known as a live link. Whenever you feel that your site goes down then you can check the dead links of the site by using our broken links finder tool and keep your site safe. It will affect search engine optimization and also the performance of the website. If broken links are involved in the site, then your content will not show properly and when the reader comes and see dead links on your site then they leave the site.

Some Major Causes For A Broken Link

  1. If the permalink of the target web page changes then it will increase the broken links.
  2. The target website is not available for the users.
  3. If there is a technical problem with the server.
  4. The network connection does not work properly.
  5. The location of the website or blog has been removed.

Why You Need Broken Links Finder Tool

The way to use this SEO tool is very easy that anyone can use it on the internet. If you want to check the dead links of the website, then you need the complete URL of the site. You just enter the web address of the web page in the box then verify the image which means you are not a robot and then press the Submit button. It provides accurate results in just a couple of seconds it gives complete information about the broken links. Some owner of the site thinks that for getting the high ranking of the website just publish the unique content on the web page.

But it is not enough because CMS only provides the facility to post the unique content it does not check the broken links of the site. If you want to check these links, then you can use the Broken Links Finder tool and get rank your web page in the search engine. To check the dead links on the website which have hundreds of pages it is quite difficult and it needs human efforts too but you can detect the broken links in seconds with the help of our best SEO tool.