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About Page Speed Checker

About Page Speed Checker


The Page Speed Checker tool is a very important tool to evaluate the speed of the web page it is a major factor in the optimization of the website. If you want to get more traffic on your web page, then you make the speed of the page fast. If your website loads at a slow speed, then the user doesn’t visit your site again and goes away. If you want to increase the speed of the web page, then you can require improving the performance of the website. You can use this tool easily on our official site Laafy and you not need any registration or installation for use this tool.

Importance Of Page Speed Checker

Every owner or professional webmaster needs that their web page gets rank in the Google search engine and for ranking the speed of a page is an essential element. It is Free SEO Tool which is very helpful to improve the speed of the website and also attract the visitor to the site. Some owners use the images or videos in the content to explain the topic in more detail so it is necessary that all these things load in seconds and the user can get their required material in a short time. The page speed checker tool also checks the speed of the images or videos on the site that how much time they take to load on the page. If your web page load in more than 3 seconds, then the user can leave the page so if you want to retain your visitor for a long time on the page then you need to improve the speed of the web page.

Tips To Improve Webpage Speed

It is a very useful tool you can check the speed of the website by using it and you can also check the speed of the competitor’s sites. The page speed checker tool tells you that which image, content or video takes more time to load on the page. You can quickly improve the speed of your web page if you follow these few tips are:

  • The server response time should be minimum.
  • Decrease the requests of HTTP.
  • Avoid excessive use of plugins on the website.
  • Always enable the browser cache.
  • Properly optimize CSS delivery.
  • Use compress images on the web page.
  • How To Use Page Speed Checker Tool.

The Usage Of Page Speed Checker

It is very easy to use you can use it anytime when you need to check the speed of the page. It is an online tool you can use it at free of cost by visiting our site. You need only the complete URL of the website if you want to check the speed. You just enter the web address in the box and then verify the image and then press the Submit button. The Page Speed Checker tool provides complete and accurate results in seconds. It gives them time that how much time your content will need to load on the site. It is the best tool you can easily increase the speed of the page with the help of this free tool.