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About Page Authority Checker

About Page Authority Checker


The Page Authority Checker is a tool which is used to check the position of the single web page. It is used to check the score value of the page it provides the rank between 1 to 100 if the score is high it means rank is also high in the search engine. Laafyprovide you this free tool you can use it online it directly belongs to the Mozilla browser. It tells the popularity of the page and measures the performance of the website. You can update the page when you check the page authority by using this SEO tool. This tool is developed by the SEOMoz to check how the page will rank in the Google search engine.

Benefits Of This SEO Tool

It is a Free SEO Tool which is used to measure how the single web page is doing a performance in the search engines. The score value of the web page is determined by the MozTrust, MozRank and link count. Before the results, the Moz uses a particular machine learning model that correlates the algorithm with another ranking across the results. If you want to get the results in just a few seconds, then use our page authority checker tool. It generates the results in a very short time, and you do not require any installation of software on your system. It is a 100% free tool you can use it online and get the accurate results in couples of seconds. If you use this tool on our site, then you not need any registration or signup for use this SEO tool.

How To Use Page Authority Checker Tool

The method to use this free tool is very easy you can use it if you have the complete URL of the website. When you want to check the quality of the page authority, you just enter the full web address of the site and then verify the image that is necessary to show that you are not a robot and then press the Submit button. The page authority checker tool provides accurate results in just a few seconds. It is a very powerful tool to check where your web page is lying in the Google search engine. It is just like a Domain Authority Checker tool because in that tool works on the complete domain and check the whole domain but this SEO tool only measures the single web page score value and check the rank of the page.

How To Improve Page Authority

In Search Engine Optimization, it is a very important factor that the page authority (PA) should be high if you want to rank your web page in the search engine. Every owner of the website wants to get high traffic on the site that’s why the page authority is essential to attract more traffic on the blog or site. The Page Authority Checker tool evaluates the strength of the web page that shows how your efforts work as compare to other competitor’s sites. If you want to improve PA then always publish the unique content which is useful for the users and make the strong link building strategies.