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About Online Ping Website Tool

About Online Ping Website Tool


The free online website ping tool helps you to ping your websites and new content in Google and different high PR websites quick and easy indexing. With the help of this free tool, you will be able to test your website or server through ping in your browser. It is a very highly organized feature that you simply would really like to fancy. 

What Is Online Ping Website Tool?

There are too many websites that are offering this free online ping tool and SEO GAPE is one of them. Ping tool have too many options but the most important use of this tool is pinged your website and it will show you the time your website is taking to load from an IP address and server response time because website loading time is very important part to get ranked. The average website loading time is 7 seconds if it's taking more than 7 seconds then there is a chance for your website to get down in search engine result. After analyzing, it was decided by SEO experts that visitors can not wait more than 5 seconds for website loading. With the help of our free seo tool you can check the exact time of your website loading speed.

Why Use Online Ping Website Tool.

One of the most important reasons why you wish to use our online ping website tool is that it will index all webpages quickly and easily in Google. If you want to see that what exact time it's taking to open your website from a selected browser or IP Address then you should use our online free ping tool. If your website speed is slow, then you have to change your strategies and make sure that the pinging of the website becomes quick and simple. Another important use of this tool is to check the page-wise speed of your site. Let's say, you have added some new pages on your website and you want to see its load time then make sure that you are using our online website pinging tool.

How To Use Online Ping Website Tool.

This tool is very simple to use just follow the below instructions.

  • Enter your website's or blog's main URL
  • Enter your website's or blog's name
  • enter the direct link of your new page or post like (i.e.,
  • Enter your website RSS feed URL then press the Submit button and lets this tool do all the work for you.

Some Useful Tips To Using Online Ping Website Tool.

For the best result in SEO, you must optimize the website loading time if it is taking more than 7 seconds then you should take a look to reduce this time because the search engine will not prefer your site if the loading time is up to 7 seconds. You have to find the things which is increasing website loading time. As an example, images could be one of the main reasons behind slowing down your website. So in that case, make sure that you are using the images with suitable sized. It is recommended By SEO GAPE that after publishing something fresh, whether weekly or monthly, you must use this free website ping tool to notify search engines about your new and updated page.