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About Link Price Calculator

About Link Price Calculator


Laafy offering the best tool to estimate the charges each month for the text link ad for a particular web address. The Link Price Calculator tool is used to check how much amount you will pay every month if you use the text link ad on the website. If you want to advertise your website then it necessary that you know how much you will pay for that for this estimation this free tool is best. It calculates the link price on the base of the performance of the site and the ranking of the website in the Google search engine.

Usage Of Link Price Calculator

You can use this tool easily because for use this Free SEO Tool you need not any technical skill. When you need to estimate the paying cost for the text link ad you just enter the complete URL of the site and after that verify the image and then press the Submit button. If the owner wants to save their time and check-in bulk, then don’t need to panic Link Price Calculator provides the facility that you can check up to 100 URLs at a time and get the results in just a few seconds. It provides a complete and accurate estimation and considers the website's reputation and ranking.

How It An Important SEO Tool

It the best tool for determining the amount of investment in the site. The tool calculates the paying amount in the dollar if you belong to another country then convert it to your currency. When you estimate the paying value consider the following factors:

  • Alexa traffic rank.
  • Number of Backlinks.
  • Age of the links. 

All these above factors play an essential role in the calculation of the price of the text link ad for the website. Link Price Calculator is an essential tool for webmasters who always try to get the best website for the investment. Every owner of the blog or web page wants to estimate the paying amount for this purpose this tool is best.

Advantages Of Link Price Calculator Tool

Every professional web developer and webmaster wants to earn more and more profit by investing the money in the best website and the site only the best if the advertisers are linked to the web page. If the site is attractive and has a good reputation, then advertiser pay the more price than the market price. If the site owner demands a double amount than the market price, then the advertiser not accept the offer and rejects it or cancels the agreement. The owner should daily estimate the charges by using the Link Price Calculator tool and aware of the performance of the site. If the proprietor calculates the value by using this SEO tool to get the price and advertiser also uses this tool for the estimation of charges, then both would be satisfied. This tool is beneficial for the owner as well as for the advertiser. It calculates the best accurate price of the text link ad and it is very helpful for the proprietor to satisfied the advertiser.