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About Google Malware Checker

About Google Malware Checker


The Google Malware Checker tool is used to check out that the Google search engine has listed your website or not. This Free Seo Tool is also use as antivirus because it protects the users from the infected web pages. The professionals' web developers always want to know about their website that the site is safe for visitors or not. It is an online tool that tells you that your domain name is listed in the Google search engine. It provides protection to the users of the internet from the malware-infected web pages. If your business site is infected it will down your sale. The infection of Malware is occurred due to these three following reason which are:

  • The loss of user personal information.
  • Destruction of property.
  • Financial immoral.

If one of the above things has happened to your website then your web page will Malware infected and it will down the rank of your website and the visitors of your sit will go away.

Benefits Of Malware Tool

It is one of the best tools on the Seo Gape it is an application that is used without the permission of the owner. In this term, there is a variety of software are included such as worms, ransomware, adware, computer viruses, and scareware. These programs are entered into your web page and infect it for this problem the Google Malware Checker is best to protect the website. This SEO tool can be used by the user of the internet they can check the site that it is free from virus or malware problem or not. It is used to check the Malware activity on any web page. If you feel there is anything wrong with the website you can check this problem by using the malware tool.

You can get the results from this tool in a few seconds it provides accurate results. To use this tool you required the complete URL of that site you want to check. This tool provides the results of the last three months (90days) that Google has visited the website. It is a very important tool for web developers because they need a weekly or daily check of the websites. Google Malware checker tool quickly detects the fraud activity or viruses if they are going in your web page. Nowadays there are many hackers who create sites for hack the personal data of the visitors when the innocent user comes on the site for visit the hacker get the information of the visitor and it maybe creates the problem.

In Three Steps Get Results

This Seo tool is check the malware problem on every web page or on its own business site. The method to use the Malware tool is very easy and simple you can get the results in few seconds. Just follow the simple three steps and get the accurate results:

Step 1. Just enter the URL of the site would you want to check the malware infection.

Step 2. After that press the Submit button.

Step 3. Get the report.