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About Google Cache Checker

About Google Cache Checker


In search engine optimization, the most important factor to rank the website on the top page of Google is to publish the unique content on the site. If you don’t know that Google accept or it knows about your site, then don’t be panic. The SEO Gape provides a variety of tools for the optimization of the website and it also offers the best tool which is free of cost for the users and the name of this tool is Google Cache Checker tool. If you want to check that your website exists in the Google search engine or not, you can use our SEO tool.

How Google Cache Checker Works

When the Google Spider crawls the website it does the one work that takes the pictures of each web page and stores it for a future time. When the user searches the query in the Google search engine and if the query then Google cache version use to check what is used to find with the searched query. Each search uses the different unique link to the cached version in this the visitor take a cached page of the website. If you want to check the website in bulk, then don’t be panic you can use the 20 websites at a time. The google cache checker tool provides the analytical report in just a few seconds and it gives accurate results.

Important Of This SEO Tool

It is a Free SEO Tool used to check that Google cached your website or not when you publish the customized content. It is a powerful tool if the hosting of the website is expired then you can transfer it to another web server. It is the best tool for the owner of the site it tells the owner that how the site is cached by the Google. If you find that your site version cached not display, then you should check the issue immediately without waste the time because it shows that your web page is penalized by Google. If your site is penalized, then it will not crawl by Google first remove this issue then Google crawls your site. The google cache checker is the best free tool it is available on the internet all the time you can use by just visit our official site.

Usage Of Google Cache Checker

You can use online the way to use this tool is very easy you need the URL of the website. When you need to check that Google cached is for your website or not. You just enter the web address of the site into the box then verify the image write the words into the box that needs to show that you are not a robot. After the verification just click on the Submit button and get the 100% accurate results in just a couple of seconds. With the help of the Google Cache Checker tool, you can quickly check that your web page is an index in the Google search engine or not. Every owner of the blog or site needs to aware that the site is properly index in the search engine and ready to provide the information to the users.