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About Get Source Code of Webpage

About getting Source Code of Webpage


Welcome to Laafy it provides the multiples Best SEO Tools for the web developer or webmasters who do off-page optimization and on-page optimization. It not only provides the tools for the owner of the website also for the visitors of the site. The best SEO tool for the user is the source code of webpage it is useful for the visitors because few websites not allow the users to see the source code of the site or blog. If you want to see the HTML code of any website, you can use this tool and view the code of origin. You can see the code with the utilization of this instrument as well as you can also check all features of the website.

When you can see the source code by using this Free SEO Tool you can also view the some most important features of the website like:

Meta Description

The description includes the 160 characters on the title page in the Google search engine. Some owners of the website ignore the description in the results these websites do not get the high ranking in the search engine. If you want to check the meta description involve in the website or not, you can use the source code of the webpage it is an online tool.

Title Tag

One of the major factors in the website is title tag when you search in the Google search engine the title tag is shown in the search engine. With the help of this SEO tool, you can also check that the title tag is included on the site or not. If you do not write the title tag on the web page, then you cannot rank your site in the Google search engine. The title tag show on the top in the HTML code and it starts with </title> also end with it.

Do-Follow & No Follow Links

If you want to check the links to the site you can use this tool and view in the HTML code if you see the code rel=’external no follow’, it shows that the website has no no-follow links. But if the code display like “do follow” it shows the site has do-follow links. The source code of the webpage tool is very useful if you need to increase the backlinks of the site.

Importance Of Source Code Of Webpage Tool

On our site of Laafy, you don’t need any registration to use this tool you can easily use it when you need it. The way to use this tool is very easy you need not any installation you need just the complete URL of the website to enter it in the box. After entering the web address verifies the image for the purpose of that you are not a robot and then press the Submit button. It generates 100% accurate results in just a few seconds. The online marketer can also view the HTML code without any difficulty by using the Source Code Of Webpage tool. If you want to check the competitor's website, then you can also see their code and other important features of the site.