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About Whois Checker

About Whois Checker


The Whois Checker tool is used to get information about the website. It provides complete information. Our expert's web developers make this tool with a comprehensive database that’s why it provides accurate results about the site. The Laafy provides the online variety of SEO tools and it also offering this free amazing tool. It is the fastest tool that provides the report in few seconds at free of cost. It quickly gathers all information on the site that you want to check. It provides the results of more than ten domains at the same time.

Advantages Of Whois Checker Tool

If you require in-depth information about the site then without wasting your money use this Seo Tool it is the best online tool. There are many tools available in the market but the tool which can be found on the Laafy provide 100% reliable results in very few moments. The best thing about this tool is to provide not only information about a website but also tell all information of the owner of the site. If you want to purchase the new domain that has high page rank but you don’t know about the domain details. For getting the information about the domain before buying it. You can use the Whois Checker tool it tells you the contact information of the domain owner.

You Can Get From Whois Checker

It is the best and fastest tool on the internet it gives the complete report about the website. You can check the information about older domains or the competitor's domains. We are always trying to provide reliable results to our visitors and their time is also critical for us so this tool provides the report in a few seconds. This Free Seo Tool provides each and everything related to the site and you can know everything about the website by using this tool. It can provide the following things in the report:

  • Domain ID.

  • Register the Server of the website.
  • Updates date of a site.
  • The city of Registrant.
  • Owner name.
  • Owner phone number and country.
  • Creation dates of the domain.
  • Name servers.
  • Expiry dates of the domain.

Easy To Use

It provides the actual data in the report you can do the Seo optimization with more focus after using the tool and collects the correct information. It gives the information that no other provides you free of cost. You can use it online at any time. The method to use this tool is very simple that anyone can use it by doing simple few steps. When you want to get the data or information about the owner of the website you can come to our site and select the tool in the number of SEO tools. After opening the device you just enter the name of the domain or URL of the website in the box. You can also check the more than one domain in Whois Checker Tool. After that just press the Submit button and can the results in 30 seconds.