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About URL Rewriting Tool

About URL Rewriting Tool


The Laafy is providing a variety of tools for web developers and for the people who are doing off-page optimization and on-page optimization. It also provides the best tool URL Rewriting Tool it is used to analyze the rewrite URLs of the web page. The static URL is most beneficial for the dynamic URL for some purposes. The dynamic link indexes your website slowly but the static link ranks your site at fast speed. For the purpose to convert the one link into another link use this free tool and get the accurate results in a few seconds you can use this online tool at any time.

Why We Need URL Rewriting Tool

As we know a static link is better for rank your website then the dynamic link so in this situation you need to convert the dynamic link into a static link for this purpose, you can use this Free Seo Tool and get a high position in the Google search engine. You do not need to download the software and get fast results. You can use this tool any time by visiting our site and use this tool when you need it without pay a single penny. The online marketers or webmasters need the different types of SEO tools including URL Rewriting Tool for getting high rank and make the better quality of your website. It is also helpful for getting more traffic on your site and create interest for the readers who are come to visit your site.

How It Is Effective Tool

It is a very useful tool for making the static link for your web page that your site quickly index or get the excellent fast results in the shape of page rank. You can improve the quality and friendliness of your website you can use this tool online in a flawless manner. Many sites providing the facility of rewriting tool but our site tool provide the complete accurate results and give you all information related to your site. We are offering a variety of SEO tools you can use any tool that you want to use and you can also get information about the Seo tools by visiting our Seo Blog.

Benefits Of A Tool

  • The static link is very easy to remember for the visitors.
  • The bookmark is simple.
  • It Increases the performance of the Google search engine.
  • It improves the page rank or position.

Easy Method To Use URL Rewriting Tool

The way to use this tool is very easy and accessible when you want to convert the dynamic link into the static link you can use this free online tool. Before using the tool creates a .htaccess file and then copy it and after that paste the code that you get from the URL Rewriting Tool. When you make the file you can copy and paste it into the webpage directory. This tool only works if your web page using the hosted on an Apache Server.