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About Domain Age Checker

About Domain Age Checker


The Laafy provides a variety of SEO tools that you can use it at a time free of cost. The one fantastic tool in the Search Engine Optimization is Domain Age Checker. It is used to tells about the life of your domain. The people who want to know about the age of a domain can use this tool online and get the results. This tool has the unique and real features that will provide detail information about the age of the domain. It also contains the date when the domain creates and also show the expiry date of the domain. It can also provide information about the updated date of the domain.

Benefits Of Domain Age Checker Tool

This Free Seo Tool has many advantages for the web developers and all other persons who do the on-page optimization and off-page optimization. It is a very useful tool for online marketers they are investors of a domain and they need complete information about the age of the domain. They want to know that how much it is reliable so they can online check the age of domain by using the Domain Age Checker Tool and after getting accurate results to decide that they purchase this domain or not. For the purpose of advertising on the related websites, it also requires checking the age of the domain.  It will display the online results on the internet and show how the domain is shown when the domain created. It also helps to demonstrate the life of older domains, competitors domains that have a high rank in the Google search engine.

How To Use This Seo Tool

The method to use this tool is very easy and straightforward. You just enter the name of the domain that you want to check and after that just click on the Check button. You can get the results in a few seconds. You can check a variety of extensions domains like:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .uk
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .mx
  • .us
  • .be

If you require the results of more than one domain then you can also check all domains age in the Domain Age Checker at free of cost and get the fast and accurate results.     

Why Use Domain Age Checker

There are so many different tools are available in the online market that provides information about the age of domain but the tool available on the Laafy provides the 100% accurate results. The professionals use this tool weekly or daily because they need the actual results for the investment of domains. If you want to see your website in the top position in the search engine then you require getting the detail information about domain age for this the Online Domain Age Checker is the best tool. It also considers the creation date of a domain when the domain gets registered the age of domain starts and this tool counts this time. That’s why it is the best tool because it tells the correct results when you can get the results you can notice that the results are accurate or reliable.