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About Backlink Checker

About Backlink Checker


We all know the importance of backlinks which are pointing to your domain or specific web page. If you have got a lot of inbound links that means you have got the higher page rank in the search engine, right? But that's not enough. There is one more factor to get rank in search engine and it's called Quality Backlinks. Google and other search engines only reward quality backlinks over quantity. If you build low-quality backlinks or do any blackhat SEO then your site can not get rank in any search engines. Low-quality links might hurt you quite helpful and it’s been proved that websites are penalized by Google for doing that. Always create quality backlinks because Google prefers natural links to a website. It's really good if you have 5 quality backlinks than to have 50 low-quality backlinks. If your website has relevant backlinks then you will get rank fast in search engine.

How often should you perform a link audit?

If you want to start link building then you will be tempted to use this free backlink checker tool quite frequently and that is fine to do because SEO GAPE is offering This free backlink checker online tool to check the quality of your links. It will show you how many backlinks are pointing to your website. A link audit could be very difficult and in-depth than simply running this tool. An entire link audit should be done around once a year, and you can use this data to work out that link building areas (blog comments, guest blogs, social bookmarking, etc.) are best, particularly once it involves bringing additional traffic to your website. To find out more about link building you can try our Free Backlink Maker Tool to generate free backlinks and you can also try Page Rank Check Tool to check if there have been any changes then check the value of every individual link using our Free Link Analysis Tool.

How Does The Backlink Check Tool Work?

The online backlink checker is a free SEO tool and with the help of this tool, you can see the number of quality backlinks is pointing to your website or link. Checking your backlinks is very simple just enter your full website URL or specific link then Press the submit button. This tool will scan all your quality backlinks and will be redirected you to the detail page and show you the number of domain pointing to your domain as backlinks, the number of backlinks in Alexa, Google and Bing search engine.